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ANL Analysis, Criticism and Series Discussions
ATT A Time To Series
AUD Audio Book
BaB The Brave and the Bold Books
BAD The Badlands
BAN The Bantam Series
BIO Autobiographies
BLP Blueprints
BOT Best of Trek
CAP The Captain´s Table
CGKC Gold Key Comics
CMP Compilation Books
COL Collectible Guides-Source Books
COM Comics-Humor
CTKC The Key Collection
DEC Decipher RPG Reference Books
DEL The Del Rey Series
DOH The Day of Honor
DOM The Dominion War
DRK Dark Passions
DS9 Deep Space Nine
ENT Enterprise Books
EOF Errand of Fury Books
EOV Errand of Vengeance books
EPS Episode Guides
EV1 Early Voyages
FAN - Communicator Magazine
FAN - Star Trek Monthly
FAN - The Official Fan Club Magazine
FAN Produced Books
FAS FASA Manuals
FLS Files Magazine Books
FNT The New Frontier
FOT The Fotonovels
FRS Federation Reference Series
GAT Gateways Books
GPB Giant Poster Book
IDW Publishing-TNG
IKC Gorkon Books
JAC Jackill Reference Books
MAG Magazine
MAK The -Making of- Books
MGM Mission: Gamma Books
MS1 Small Miscellaneous Paperback
MS2 Medium Miscellaneous Paperback
MS3 Large Miscellaneous Paperback
MS4 Miscellaneous Hard Cover
MSC Miscellaneous Item
MSL Movie Script Library
MUS Music Related Books
PAM Pamphlet
REC Read-Along Record Book
REF Reference Manuals
REL Religious Books
RPG Role Playing Manuals
S31 Section 31 Books
SA1 Starfleet Academy
SCE Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SCE1 Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SCE2 Corps of Engineers
SCI Scientific Works
SIG Signature Series Books
SKE:Klingon Empire
SLF Self-Help Books
SNW Strange New Worlds
STMU:Mirror Universe
STR Stargazer Books
STW Star Wreck Series
TCH Technical Manuals
TJG The Janus Gate Books
TLE The Lost Era Books
TMI Modala Imperative
TNG The Next Generation
TNG/DS9 The Next Generation (WildStorm)
TNG1 Slings and Arrows
TNGc The Next Generation Comics1
TNGc The Next Generation Comics2
TNGw The Next Generation (WildStorm)
TOS The Original Series
TOSc The Original Series comics
TOSc The Original Series comics2
TRV Trivia/Game/Instruction Manuals
TTN Titan Books
UV1 Untold Voyages
VNG - Vanguard Books
VOY Voyager
XY - neznama
YA1 Young Adult Novel - The Original Series
YA2 Young Adult Novel - The Next Generation
YA3 Young Adult Novel - Deep Space Nine
YA4 Young Adult Novel - Voyager
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... Promises to KeepMike W. Barr
...The Only Good Klingon...Mike W. Barr
A Small Matter of FaithMartin Pasko
Annuals:All Those Years Ago...Mike W. Barr
Annuals:RetrospectPeter David
Annuals:The Final VoyageMike W. Barr
Around the ClockRobert Greenberger
Aspiring to be AngelsPeter David
Behind Enemy Lines!Mike W. Barr
Blood feverMike W. Barr
Chekov´s ChoiceWalter Koenig
Choices!Len Wein
Deadly Allies!Mike W. Barr
Deadly Reflection!Mike W. Barr
Death Ship!Len Wein
Devil Down Below!Michael Carlin
Double Blind 1Diane Duane
Double Blind 2Diane Duane
Double ImageMike W. Barr
DreamworldBob Rozakis
Errand of War!Mike W. Barr
Finnegan´s Wake!Peter David
GetawayMichael Carlin
GiriWenonah Woods
Haunted HoneymoonPeter David
Hell in a HandbasketPeter David
Homecoming...Mike W. Barr
Idol ThreatsMichael Carlin
Judgment Day!Tom Sutton a Ricardo Villagran
Maggie´s World!Tony Isabella a Len Wein
Marriage of InconveniencePeter David
Masquerade!Mike W. Barr
Mortal GodsMike W. Barr
Mudd´s Magic!Len Wein
Old LoyaltiesPeter David
Paradise Lost!Michael Carlin
Past PerfectMichael Carlin
Pon FarrMike W. Barr
Rest and Recreation!Paul Kupperberg
Stand-Off!Len Wein
The Best of Star TrekMike Barr, Diane Duane, Peter David, Tom Sutton, Dan Jurgens, Curt Swan, James Fry, and Gordon Purcell
The Apocalypse Scenario!Len Wein
The Argon Affair!Michael Fleisher
The Ashes of EdenWilliam Shatner ,Judith Reeves-Stevens a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Corbomite Effect!Michael Carlin
The D´Artagnan ThreeMike W. Barr
The Last WordDiane Duane
The Stars in Secret InfluencePeter David
The Tantalus Trap!Mike W. Barr
The Trouble With BearclawTony Isabella
The Trouble With Transporters!Bob Rozakis
The Wormhole ConnectionMike W. Barr
Uhura´s StoryPaul Kupperberg
Vicious Circle!Len Wein
What Goes Around...Michael Carlin
When You Wish Upon a Star...!Len Wein
Who is Enigma?Mike W. Barr
Wolf at the DoorTony Isabella
Wolf on the ProwlTony Isabella
You´re Dead, Jim!Peter David
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