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ANL Analysis, Criticism and Series Discussions
ATT A Time To Series
AUD Audio Book
BaB The Brave and the Bold Books
BAD The Badlands
BAN The Bantam Series
BIO Autobiographies
BLP Blueprints
BOT Best of Trek
CAP The Captain´s Table
CGKC Gold Key Comics
CMP Compilation Books
COL Collectible Guides-Source Books
COM Comics-Humor
CTKC The Key Collection
DEC Decipher RPG Reference Books
DEL The Del Rey Series
DOH The Day of Honor
DOM The Dominion War
DRK Dark Passions
DS9 Deep Space Nine
ENT Enterprise Books
EOF Errand of Fury Books
EOV Errand of Vengeance books
EPS Episode Guides
EV1 Early Voyages
FAN - Communicator Magazine
FAN - Star Trek Monthly
FAN - The Official Fan Club Magazine
FAN Produced Books
FAS FASA Manuals
FLS Files Magazine Books
FNT The New Frontier
FOT The Fotonovels
FRS Federation Reference Series
GAT Gateways Books
GPB Giant Poster Book
IDW Publishing-TNG
IKC Gorkon Books
JAC Jackill Reference Books
MAG Magazine
MAK The -Making of- Books
MGM Mission: Gamma Books
MS1 Small Miscellaneous Paperback
MS2 Medium Miscellaneous Paperback
MS3 Large Miscellaneous Paperback
MS4 Miscellaneous Hard Cover
MSC Miscellaneous Item
MSL Movie Script Library
MUS Music Related Books
PAM Pamphlet
REC Read-Along Record Book
REF Reference Manuals
REL Religious Books
RPG Role Playing Manuals
S31 Section 31 Books
SA1 Starfleet Academy
SCE Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SCE1 Starfleet Corps of Engineers
SCE2 Corps of Engineers
SCI Scientific Works
SIG Signature Series Books
SKE:Klingon Empire
SLF Self-Help Books
SNW Strange New Worlds
STMU:Mirror Universe
STR Stargazer Books
STW Star Wreck Series
TCH Technical Manuals
TJG The Janus Gate Books
TLE The Lost Era Books
TMI Modala Imperative
TNG The Next Generation
TNG/DS9 The Next Generation (WildStorm)
TNG1 Slings and Arrows
TNGc The Next Generation Comics1
TNGc The Next Generation Comics2
TNGw The Next Generation (WildStorm)
TOS The Original Series
TOSc The Original Series comics
TOSc The Original Series comics2
TRV Trivia/Game/Instruction Manuals
TTN Titan Books
UV1 Untold Voyages
VNG - Vanguard Books
VOY Voyager
XY - neznama
YA1 Young Adult Novel - The Original Series
YA2 Young Adult Novel - The Next Generation
YA3 Young Adult Novel - Deep Space Nine
YA4 Young Adult Novel - Voyager
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-Legacy-Michael Jan Friedman
A Flag Full of StarsBrad Ferguson
Across the UniversePamela Sargent and George Zebrowski
Assignment: EternityGreg Cox
AvengerWilliam Shatner
Battlestations!Diane Carey
Best Destiny Diane Carey
Black FireSonni Cooper
BloodthirstJ.M. Dillard
Captain Kirk´s Guide to WomenJohn Rodriguez
Captain´s BloodWilliam Shatner , Judith a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Captain´s PerilWilliam Shatner with Judith a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Chain of AttackGene DeWeese
ConstellationsMarco Palmieri
CoronaGreg Bear
Crisis on CentaurusBrad Ferguson
CrossroadBarbara Hambly
Crucible: Kirk: The Star To Every WanderingDavid R. George III
Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of ShadowsDavid R. George III
Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the RoseDavid R. George III
Dark VictoryWilliam Shatner
Death CountL.A. Graf
Deep DomainHoward Weinstein
DemonsJ.M. Dillard
Doctor´s Orders Diane Duane
Double, DoubleMichael Jan Friedman
Dreadnought!Diane Carey
Dreams of the RavenCarmen Carter
Dwellers in the Crucible Margaret Wander Bonanno
Enemy UnseenV.E. Mitchell
Engines of DestinyGene DeWeese
Enterprise: The First Adventure Vonda N. McIntyre
Ex MachinaChristopher L. Bennett
Faces of FireMichael Jan Friedman
Federation(1994)Judith Reeves-Stevens a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Final FrontierDiane Carey
FirestormL.A. Graf
First FrontierDiane Carey and Dr. James I. Kirkland
From the DepthsVictor Milan
Garth of IzarPamela Sargent a George Zebrowski
GeminiMike W. Barr
Ghost Walker Barbara Hambly
Heart of the SunPamela Sargent and George Zebrowski
Home is the HunterDana Kramer-Rolls
Honor BladeDiane Duane
How Much for Just the Planet?John M. Ford
Ice TrapL.A. Graf
In the Name of HonorDayton Ward
Invasion!: First Strike Diane Carey
IshmaelBarbara Hambly
Its Hour Come RoundMargaret wander Bonanno
Killing TimeDella Van Hise
Memory PrimeJudith a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Mind MeldJohn Vornholt
MindshadowJ.M. Dillard
Mudd in Your EyeJerry Oltion
Mutiny on the Enterprise Robert E. Vardeman
My Brother´s Keeper: Book One: RepublicMichael Jan Friedman
My Brother´s Keeper: Book Three: EnterpriseMichael Jan Friedman
My Brother´s Keeper: Book Two: ConstitutionMichael Jan Friedman
My Enemy, My Ally Diane Duane
New Earth: Belle TerreDean Wesley Smith with Diane Carrey
New Earth: ChallengerDiane Carey
New Earth: Rough TrailsL.A. Graf
New Earth: The Flaming ArrowKathy a Jerry Oltion
New Earth: Thin AirKristine Kathryn Rusch a Dean Wesley Smith
New Earth: Wagon Train to the StarsDiane Carey
Pawns and SymbolsMajliss Larson
PreserverWilliam Shatner
Prime Directive Judith Reeves-Stevens a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Probe Margaret Wander Bonanno
RecoveryJ.M. Dillard
RenegadeGene DeWeese
Rules of EngagementPeter Morwood
SanctuaryJohn Vornholt
SarekA.C. Crispin
Shadow LordLaurence Yep
Shadows on the Sun Michael Jan Friedman
Shell GameMelissa Crandall
SpectreWilliam Shatner
Spock´s WorldDiane Duane
Star Trek Academy: Collision CourseWilliam Shatner , Judith a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Star Trek Excelsior: Forged in FireMichael A. Martin a Andy Mangels
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Vonda N. McIntyre
Star Trek II:The Wrath of KhanVonda N. McIntyre
Star Trek III: The search for spockVonda N. McIntyre
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Vonda Neel McIntyre
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier J.M. Dillard
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryJ.M. Dillard
Star Trek: OdysseyWilliam Shatner
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Diane Carey a Sandy Fries a Dan Greenberg with Rusty Buchert, Scott Bennie, Steve Perrin, Andrew Greenberg, Bill Maxwell a Bill Bridges
Star Trek: The Motion PictureGene Roddenberry
Star Trek:Burning DreamsMargaret Wander Bonanno
Star Trek:Demands of HonorKevin Ryan
Star Trek:The Motion PictureGene Roddenberry
Starfleet Year 0neMichael Jan Friedman
Strangers From the Sky Margaret Wander Bonanno
SwordhuntDiane Duane
The ReturnWilliam Shatner
The Wounded SkyDiane Duane
The Abode of Life Lee Correy
The ashes of edenWilliam Alan Shatner , spolu s Judith Reeves-Stevens a Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Beginning of the End...Mike W. Barr
The Better ManHoward Weinstein
The Blood-Dimmed TideHoward Weinstein
The Captain´s DaughterPeter David
The Case of the Colonist´s CorpseBob Ingersoll a Tony Isabella
The Covenant of the CrownHoward Weinstein
The Cry of the OnliesJudy Klass
The DisinheritedPeter David, Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger
The Empty ChairDiane Duane
The Entropy EffectVonda N. McIntyre
The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh - Volume IGreg Cox
The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh - Volume IIGreg Cox
The Fearful SummonsDenny Martin Flinn
The Final NexusGene DeWeese
The Final ReflectionJohn M. Ford
The Great Starship RaceDiane Carey
The IDIC EpidemicJean Lorrah
The Joy MachineJames Gunn
The Klingon GambitRobert E. Vardeman
The Kobayashi MaruJulia Ecklar
The Last RoundupChristie Golden
The Lost Years Jeanne M. Dillard
The Pandora PrincipleCarolyn Clowes
The Patrian TransgressionSimon Hawke
The Prometheus DesignSondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath
The RiftPeter David
The Rings of TauteeDean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Romulan WayDiane Duane with Peter Morwood
The Starship TrapMel Gilden
The Tears of the Singers Melinda Snodgrass
The Three-Minute UniverseBarbara Paul
The Trellisane ConfrontationDavid Dvorkin
The Vulcan Academy Murders Jean Lorrah
Time for YesterdayA.C. Crispin
TimetrapDavid Dvorkin
To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien SinghGreg Cox
Traitor Winds L.A. Graf
TriangleSondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath
Twilight´s EndJerry Oltion
Uhura´s SongJanet Kagan
Vulcan´s ForgeJosepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Vulcan´s GloryD.C. Fontana
Vulcan´s HeartJosepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Vulcan´s Soul Book I: ExodusJosepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Vulcan´s Soul Book II: ExilesJosepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Vulcan´s Soul Book III: Epiphany(2007)Josepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Vulcan´s Soul Book III: Epiphany(2008)Josepha Sherman a Susan Shwartz
Web of the Romulans M.S. Murdock
Windows on a Lost WorldV.E. Mitchell
Yesterday´s Son A.C. Crispin
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