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Avenger Class Heavy Frigate General PlansMichael C. Rupprecht
Book of Klingon Plans: D7 Class Battle CruiserMichael McMaster
Book of S.S. Kobayashi Maru PlansDavid Nielsen
Book of Shuttlecraft Galileo PlansL. Allen Everhart, Jr.
Book of U.S.S. Ianar Plans - Fast FrigateRafael Gonzalez
Booklet of General Plans U.S.S. Caracal CC-750Todd Guenther
Bridge Blueprints - U.S.S. EnterpriseLawrence Miller
CargoShuttle General PlansDana E. Lubich
Class F ShuttlecraftDavid Winfrey
Deep Space Nine Concept Drawings a BlueprintsRick Sternbach
Dollond Class MK-VIC Heavy Transport - General Plans a SpecificationsPatrick Lichty
Drone Spy ShipMarc E. Shamma´a
Federation Starship U.S.S. EnterpriseNo Author Listed
Federation Starship U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656Monte R. Johnjulio
Galaxy Class BlueprintsP. Lublin
Galileo Shuttlecraft PlansL. Allen Everhart, Jr.
General Plans - Heavy Destroyer Class - U.S.S. Destroyat NCC-1100Michael Morrissette
General Plans - S.S. Aurora Class Space CruisersTodd Guenther
General Plans - U.S.S. Avenger ClassDavid John Nielsen
General Plans and Specifications of the U.S.S. Hornet NCC-9700Lawrence Miller
General Plans of the U.S.S. Independence NCC-F1300Geoffrey Mandel
Glenn Class Fleet Survey Vessel U.S.S. GrissomAutor neuvedený
Gorn Defense Battlecruiser - General PlansAllie C. Peed III
Klingon Bird of Prey Blueprint SetLawrence Miller
Klingon D-7 Class Battlecruiser 15MM Deck PlansAutor neuvedený
Klingon Defense Force Vessels - Nin´Toq Class Tactical Assault ShipsMark A. Wilson
Klingon Destroyer K´T´orr ClassMarc E. Shamma´a
Klingon Scout VesselLawrence Miller
Kobayashi Maru - Neutronic Fuel CarrierRoger Sorensen
MacPherson Class Heavy Transport General Plans a SpecificationsPatrick Lichty
Miranda Class Cruiser General PlansMichael C. Rupprecht
Nebula Class Starship USS Nebula NCC-61795 BlueprintsMonte R. Johnjulio
Official Blueprints - Cargo-Tug Class StarshipsTodd Guenther
Paladin Class Scout/Destroyer BlueprintsTemporal Graphics
Perimeter Action Ships: Markings & Insignia: Akyazi - Arbiter - AkulaTodd Guenther
Regula 1 Space LaboratoryLawrence Miller
Regula 1 Space LaboratoryLawrence Miller
Robot Cargo Ship BlueprintsDavid Winfrey
Robot Cargo Ship BlueprintsRoger Gilbertson
Romulan -Bird of Prey- Cruiser BlueprintsMichael McMaster
Ships of the Delta Triangle - Volume I - U.S.S. SkagerrakMark A. Wilson
Ships of the Delta Triangle - Volume II - U.S.S. AliquippaMark A. Wilson
Sovereign Class Federation StarshipMonte R. Johnjulio
Space Cruiser -Aurora- Tholian Space VesselDavid Winfrey
Space Station K-7 Blueprints - RevisedKenneth Altman a Geoffrey Mandel
Specifications of the Hornet Class StarshipLarry Miller
Specifications of the Merchantman - Federation Class J Type 3L. Allen Everhart, Jr.
Star Fleet Blueprints: U.S.S. Excelsior Ingram Class PlansTodd Guenther a Jason Genser
Star Fleet Tactical Database: Series 1Lawrence Miller
Star Fleet Tactical Database: Series 2Lawrence Miller
Star Trek Blueprint CollectionNo Author Listed
Star Trek BlueprintsFranz Joseph
Star Trek: Space Station K-7 BlueprintsKenneth Altman a Geoffrey Mandel
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 14 Official BlueprintsDavid Kimble
Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D BlueprintsRick Sternbach
Starbase 79 BlueprintsLawrence Miller
Starbase 79 BlueprintsLawrence Miller
Starfleet Vessel Ambassador Class Starship - U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-CMonte R. Johnjulio
Starfleet Vessel Enterprise NX-01Monte R. Johnjulio
Starfleet Vessel U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-BMonte R. Johnjulio
Starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Phase-II Refit ProgramMonte R. Johnjulio
U.S.S. Durance Class Cargo/Tug BlueprintsTodd Guenther
U.S.S. Enterprise 15MM Deck PlansAutor neuvedený
U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge BlueprintsMichael McMaster
U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Blueprints - RevisedMichael McMaster
U.S.S. Enterprise Equipment Packet BlueprintsMW
U.S.S. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser Evolution BlueprintsDavid John Nielsen
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701A Deck PlansDavid Schmidt
U.S.S. Federation Class Dreadnought BlueprintsAllie C. Peed III
U.S.S. Renner Class - Booklet of General PlansRafael Gonzalez
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D BlueprintsAutor neuvedený
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Centurian Series BattlecruiserAutor neuvedený
USS Saladin Class Destroyer-Scout BlueprintsL. Allen Everhart, Jr.
Vulcan Harp Construction PlansPerry Wright
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